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  • Meet The Team – Megan

    Meet The Team

    For this weeks ‘Meet The Team’ we are featuring Megan! Here’s a little Q & A to learn more about her.

    Where are you from?

    “Springfield, Missouri. Home of Bass Pro and Cashew Chicken!”


    “Oklahoma State (Go Cowboys!)”

    What made you want to get into PT?

    “I was a soccer player growing up and did a lot of PT following a knee injury. I knew I could never do a job where I had to sit all day!”

    Favorite part about working at CST?

    “My favorite part of working at CST is the relationships I have formed with my patients and co-workers. Everyone is so friendly and it makes it fun to come to work.”

    Favorite success story?

    “My favorite story was a little Irish woman who called me “Meggy.” She had very bad arthritis and had both of her hips replaced. She had to walk with a walker (prior to surgery) and her goal was to completely get rid of it. After months of hard work she was ambulating walker free! She even did a little Irish dance for me! ”

    What’s your spirit animal?




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