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Assessment and Correction of Athletic Mechanics

You play your sport because you love it, right?  Don’t you want that to last as long as possible?  Don’t you want to be the best at it?

An assessment of your athletic mechanics, or form, can reveal weaknesses in your performance.  We can work with you and provide a dynamic program to address those weaknesses or inefficiencies to make sure you’re training and performing at your maximum potential.  Whether you’re a runner, swimmer, thrower, cyclist/spinner, exercise enthusiast, golfer, tennis player or any athlete for that matter, we can provide you with the tools and expertise to be your best and be better than the competition.

By nature, sports and physical activity eventually result in wear-and-tear on our bodies.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them!

Running at the Beach

Running isn’t bad for your joints, but running incorrectly IS bad for your joints!

If performed with incorrect form, a lot of extra, unnecessary, and unaccounted for strain is applied to your joints which can lead to problems.  Shoulders, knees, and backs are common problem areas that can easily be kept healthy with instruction, strengthening and stretching.  Our clinicians at Camelback Sports Therapy can meet with you one-on-one to assess your form and make sure you’re performing correctly and efficiently.

If you have muscle imbalance/weakness, limited range of motion causing compensations, or tight muscles restricting movement, we’ll spot them and work with you to correct them so you can not only stay in the game, but be your best.



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