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Ergonomics Assessments

Is your computer in the right position? Does your chair fit you properly? Are you maintaining correct posture while you complete work tasks?

Ergonomics is the study of peoples’ capability to achieve maximum production with minimal wasted energy in their working environment.  Given that we spend most of our day at our jobs, it makes sense to have a work station that’s conducive to our health and productivity in order to be successful.

We designed our Ergonomics Assessment Program with the purpose of assessing workstations to provide effective and practical ergonomic improvements.Ergonomic Assessments, Ergonomic Evaluations

A thorough evaluation and adjustment of your work station can help to reduce stress at your neck, back, arms, and hands potentially saving you from developing serious conditions such as neck and back pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and the list goes on.

A proper work station will improve:

  • productivity
  • decrease aches and pains
  • improve blood flow
  • increase overall well-being.

If you experience pain in the workplace caused from an inadequate workstation set-up, poor posture or mechanics, or repetitive movements, an Ergonomic Assessment is exactly what you need to stay in the game.