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Vestibular Therapy

Do you experience unexplained dizziness?

Have you noticed a decline in your balance?

The most common case of vestibular disorders is vertigo. People with vertigo experience dizziness, nausea, decreased focus, and balance issues. Vertigo is very treatable with physical therapy and achieves excellent results.

Other types of vestibular disorders related to balance and falls, dizziness and gaze instability are treated with specific, customized exercises targeted to create compensation patterns to make up for damages vestibular function.

If you’ve been diagnosed with vertigo or another vestibular disorder, call 602-808-8989 to schedule an appointment today! Don’t let dizziness prevent you from participating in life – Camelback Sports Therapy can help you stay in the game!

“Vertigo is a very disconcerning experience when you’ve never had it before, but one treatment did the trick and a few appointments to readjust my  equilibrium and I’m good to go! Thanks so much!”

– Diana H.