• Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

    Posted on March 28, 2018 by in Health Tips & News

    The phrase, “You’re pregnant, the pain is normal, just ignore it,” gets thrown around often. However issues of pain, like lower back, pelvic girdle, and hip pain, can (and should) be treated by your physical therapist.

    According to an article from APTA.com  pregnant women are more susceptible to these conditions. This is because of “the ligamentous laxity that results from hormonal changes,” along with the change in their center of gravity. Any issue in body mechanics that the woman had before become more obvious and serious. This causes increased pain as well as making it harder to correct.

    These issues, whether they be with the pelvic girdle, hips, lower back, or elsewhere, need to be treated early on, or else they will last longer and end up becoming severe during the later parts of the pregnancy. The pain and physical imbalances could even last beyond the pregnancy, which shows that the thought that the pain will go away after pregnancy is incorrect.

    What does this mean for pregnant women?

    They don’t have to live with the pain. Women are tough, and pregnancy puts their resilience to the test. Physical therapy is a safe, effective, and proven way to make it both healthier for the woman and the baby, as well as less painful.

    What can physical therapy do for pregnant women?

    One of the most effective things a physical therapist can do for a woman during and after her pregnancy is teach correct body mechanics. As her body changes, a woman’s ability to do daily actions changes. A physical therapist can help to make sure that she is doing these actions, like picking things off the ground, standing up and sitting down, and even sleeping, correctly and safely.

    Physical therapy also encourages and teaches exercise. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 30 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts throughout the week both help the woman recover and lose weight after while also reducing the risk of problems during pregnancy. A physical therapist can teach and regulate these workouts to make sure they are safe. The exercise programs should meet the woman’s exact needs to stay healthy and injury free throughout the pregnancy.

    Conditions like Ehlers-Danlos and multiple sclerosis can be amplified pre- and postpartum. Patients with these conditions are at greater risk for complications and pain. A physical therapist can implement exercises, education, and stretching to meet the needs of these women. For women with multiple sclerosis,  often times a large role for a physical therapist is as a guide in what products to use, like a light enough stroller or an appropriate changing table.


    Be weary of the information you may read or see regarding postpartum exercises. Exercising correctly is even more important for new moms and moms-to-be.  Physical therapists are not only trained to fix issues with their patients but also to keep them safe before any issues can occur.

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