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Pregnancy Back Pain Treatment

Carrying a child is a blessing and an amazing experience, but it does not come without its physical toll on our bodies.  During the first moment of pregnancy, our bodies begin to change. The hormones Estrogen and Relaxin spike in the first trimester to relax ligaments. That nagging back pain that you thought was taken care of years ago, well it can rear its ugly head due to decreased stability at the joints and ligaments around our bones.


Pain is not the only reason to seek physical therapy during pregnancy. Many women want to learn safe forms of exercises to keep strong and agile during pregnancy.  Even after that little bundle of joy is born, physical therapy is beneficial to regain core stability, reduce overuse injuries, learn safe lifting and carrying techniques, and soft tissue mobilization for those aching muscles.

Whether it is pre- or postpartum, a physical therapist at Camelback Sports Therapy is here to help you every step of the way.