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  • Soccer and Physical Therapy

    The 2018 Men’s World Cup (the most popular sporting event in the world) has begun! Soccer is “the beautiful game,” but that doesn’t mean injuries and pain don’t happen. Every major team has their own physical therapists and stays up to date on exercises and stretches to #stayinthegame.

    What are common injuries for soccer players?

    • ACL tears
    • Concussions
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Pulled Muscles
    • Shin splints
    • Tendinitis

    What can physical therapy do?

    Physical therapy is not just for after an injury or surgery. Physical therapy is also for preventative measures. Physical therapists assess a person’s body/body mechanics to see where imbalances may be. These imbalances can cause injuries or pains because certain muscles may work harder than others or weak muscles may not protect tendons like they should. Therapists then create a plan to make sure that the patient can improve in order to stay healthy and stay in the game.

    Soccer players’  bodies must be ready for sudden movements, unexpected collisions, and turning/stopping quickly. The therapist will take the way soccer is played into account when doing an assessment and creating their plan of care.

    Some things to expect:

    • Leg stability exercises
    • Knee stability exercises
    • Leg strengthening
    • Core strengthening
    • Plyometrics
    • Stretches

    What about after an injury?

    If an injury occurs, it is our goal to get you back on the field and to stay in the game. Therapy after an injury still includes exercises and stretches. Compared to an injury prevention program, it will focus more on healing the specific injury and strengthening the area around it to get you back to 100%. The therapist may also include things like dry needling, cupping, and ASTYM to encourage healing.

    Whether you’re trying to get back on the field after an injury, want to make sure you stay in the game and prevent injuries, or simply want to push your body to be the best it can be, physical therapy can help. If you have any questions, want to do a free injury assessment, or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (602) 808-8989.