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  • “Much improved…”

    “Much improved leg strength/flexibility. Improved scar tissue resolution. Better knee flexibility. More confidence in knee functionality.” -John C.

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    “My headaches have disappeared.”

    “When I first came into Camelback Sports Therapy I had severe headaches every day starting at 10:00am. I could barely move my neck and my shoulders were extremely stiff. After my treatment, my headaches have disappeared. I have much more flexibility in my neck and the stiffness in my shoulders is no longer. Now on […]

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    “. . . pain free running.”

    “CST [Camelback Sports Therapy] helped me get back in the game by helping me improve my strength, flexibility, and stability. This resulted in pain free running.” – Jason W.

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  • Benefits of Speed Walking

    What are the effects of speedwalking compared with just strolling? You may have simply been walking at what felt like a natural pace. But then you go for a walk with a friend who has a faster stride and you realize that you can’t keep up that pace. Do people who walk faster get more benefits […]

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