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    Top 3 Tips for Runners

    Have a little cabin fever? Looking for a way to get outside? Maybe you have an old pair of running shoes collecting dust in your closet? Hey, it may be time to wipe the dust off, lace up those shoes, and enjoy this beautiful Arizona weather! If you are looking to get back into running […]

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  • “…I got awesome help at Camelback Sports Therapy!”

    “I came here with tightness in my legs and lower back. I could not touch my toes and my running was not improving. Help at Camelback Sports Therapy got me to where I needed to be and provided a fun time, also I got to make new friends. I am so happy and grateful that […]

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  • Find Your Fast This Fall

      Are you a runner who wants to lower your PR? Increase your efficiency? Join Dr. Lauren Provencio PT, DPT this fall for RunBetter!     She’s heading up a series of 6 functional strengthening classes to improve strength specifically for runners.  Increase your strength to find your fast and prevent possible injury down the […]

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    “. . . pain free running.”

    “CST [Camelback Sports Therapy] helped me get back in the game by helping me improve my strength, flexibility, and stability. This resulted in pain free running.” – Jason W.

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  • What is Runner’s Knee?

    Originally posted at VeryWell.com.   Runner’s knee is one of the most complained about pains among runners. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to treat and prevent. Symptoms of Runner’s Knee: Runner’s knee feels like a soreness around the front of and sometimes behind your kneecap. It’s usually aggravated by running downhill, squatting, […]

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