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  • Top 3 Tips for Runners

    Have a little cabin fever? Looking for a way to get outside? Maybe you have an old pair of running shoes collecting dust in your closet? Hey, it may be time to wipe the dust off, lace up those shoes, and enjoy this beautiful Arizona weather! If you are looking to get back into running during this time or maybe want to begin running, here are 3 tips for runners to help you stay on the trails and Stay in the Game:

    • Proper Footwear is Essential: It’s very important to make sure that we are supporting our body with footwear that is designed for running. I typically recommend Brooks, Asics, or Saucony for runners due to the quality of shoe, however comfort is key. Research has shown that a shoe that is comfortable on your feet can help to reduce the risk of injuries. If it feels good, take it for a jog around the block.
    • Warm-up: When I ask most runners if they warm-up before going on a run I typically get a funny look associated with “warm-up, what warm-up?” And trust me, in the past I was guilty of this, too. However, a warm-up is so important! We know that muscles that are warm perform better, recover faster and are less likely to get injured. A dynamic warm-up before going on a jog is key. Frankensteins, hip hugs, and knee drives at a wall are my go to’s (10 reps of each). Check out these pictures below! 
    Tips for runners - frankenstein warm up
    Tips for runners - hip hug stretch
    Hip Hug
    Tips for runners - knee drives
    Knee Drives
    • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Maybe you are getting into running for the first time or maybe you have been running for a while. Regardless, it’s important to increase mileage slowly based on how each week of training feels. For beginner runners, interval training may be the best course of action for you. The first few weeks of training should include something along the lines of two minutes of running with one minute of walking following for 5-7 rounds. What a great workout! Slowly increase the amount of time spent running each week by roughly a minute if there is no pain while also allowing 24 hours of recovery between each run. For the more advanced runners, it’s important to slowly increase mileage as well. Mileage should be increased by about 10% each week until desired mileage goal is reached. Again, whether you’re just getting into running or have a mileage goal in mind slowly increase your mileage, this will help to prevent injuries! Remember to stay hydrated as well.

    We hope you enjoyed these tips for runners. Looking forward to seeing all you out on the trails over these next few weeks! Let’s enjoy this beautiful weather, the freedom of the outdoors, and some fresh air. Got aches and pains? We’ve gotcha covered! Schedule a running assessment or chat with one of our physical therapists today. We are here for you!

    Happy running,

    Lauren Provencio PT, DPT


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