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  • Are You Staying Hydrated?

    Staying hydrated doesn’t need to be a pain! We’ll cover some tips for drinking more water, but first let’s dive into the facts about why water is important for YOUR health, pain, immune system, and recovery!

    stay hydrated

    Did you know if you experience the following…

    • Headaches
    • Pain
    • Dizziness
    • Lightheadedness
    • Lower back pain

    …a glass of water may offer you relief?


    Here are a few reasons why drinking more water and staying hydrated can help with managing your symptoms:

    • Our body is made of ~70% water and this water is utilized in nearly ALL major systems of the body.
    • Cartilage (which includes your joints and discs) are made of 80% water!
      • Think of disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis.
    • Effects of Dehydration:
      • Sensitivity to Pain – Water is stored in your connective tissue (like ligaments and tendons) and, when you are dehydrated, this can lead to inflammation and more pain.
      • Headaches – We have fluid in and around our brains so we may get a headache when we don’t drink enough water
      • Effects on hormones including:
        • May increase your stress hormones, like cortisol
        • Effects Histamine levels, making your immune system less effective
        • Effects Dopamine levels, reducing your general mood
      • Reduction in neurotransmitters important for recovery and response to stress
      • May cause lower blood pressure and increase dizziness


    How much water should you drink?

    • The exact amount is still debated in the research but generally this is an excellent equation to utilize to ensure you’re staying hydrated: weight in lbs/ 2 = # of ounces.

    3 Simple Ways to Drink More Water:

    1. Drink a glass in the AM (yes, that means before coffee!), before meals, and at night before bed.
    2. Get a reusable bottle to adequately track your intake (as well as reduce use of plastic!).
    3. Keep your water accessible, such as by your phone, desk, or computer.


    Share this article with a family member or friend and CHEERS to a healthier today!


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