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  • Common #WFH Problems and Solutions

    With so many people working from home without those office amenities we didn’t know we loved, we’ve heard from some of you that have new aches and pains. Our specialists are trained in Ergonomic Assessments to optimize your work space. Luckily, we have some helpful tips and small adjustments you can make to your home work space to prevent pain and boost productivity! Here are a few work-from-home solutions:

    work from home solutions

    Issue: “I’m using my desktop at home and my neck is hurting.”
    Solution: Try elevating your monitor using text books, boxes, or anything stable so that the top of your screen is relatively level with your eye line.
    Issue: “My neck and shoulders are hurting from being on my laptop so much.”
    Solution: The couch looks inviting, but your body will thank you for getting up and sitting at a table. Sit tall and close enough to the table so your back is supported by the chair. Ideally, your elbows should be supported and bent to just greater than 90 degrees so that your hands are slightly lower than your elbows at that table.
    Issue: “My back is killing me from sitting in my kitchen table chairs.”
    Solution: Grab a bath towel, fold it in half the long way, and then roll it up to make your very own lumbar support! Place this between the back of the chair and your lower back to provide some support to your lumbar spine. Voila!
    As another work-from-home solutions, do yourself a favor and get up every hour or so to take a break, stretch and move around. Try some of these stretches to relieve any tightness and keep your body happy! If you find you need help, ask our therapists about the Stretching Program at Camelback Sports Therapy. Just give our office a call at (602)808-8989!

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