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  • “CST is a phenomenal place for physical therapy.”

    “As usual, CST is a phenomenal place for physical therapy.  I have been here for several different conditions for the last 20 years and not only are the therapists extremely knowledgeable about every problem I have experienced, but are always friendly kind and encouraging.  It is the only place I would go to for PT and I have recommended it to many others.

    Katie has been my therapist for several years now and I can’t say enough good about her.  Even if she is unavailable and a different therapist works on me they too are excellent.  But Katie is my favorite and I am just a little disappointed when she is not available.

    Apparently on some exercises, two therapists are needed and for these Kaler has been helping.  She knows exactly what she needs to do and always is happy and in a great mood.  Many thanks to her and her attitude.  She is very funny and makes things (exercises) fun to do.

    I appreciate everyone who works here, from the front desk to every therapist.  It is a joy to come here.

    As usual, a shout out to Katie.  My back and hip are so improved thanks to her.  She is a keeper!” -Nancy L.