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  • Do You Have Muscle Cramps?

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    Have you ever experienced muscle cramps? What if we told you it may not be due to dehydration, but rather, your overactive nervous system? 

    The Wall Street Journal published a story about a study revealing that drinking spicy drinks before a workout or competition reduces muscle cramping. The powerful flavor overwhelms the nervous system and actually numbs the nerves to prevent cramping.

    Research began after an Ivy League university professor nearly drowned due to muscle cramps when kayaking in the ocean near the coast of Cape Cod. He and his Nobel-Prize-winning friend began exploring the root of the problem.

    In the past some athletes would drink things such as pickle juice and beet juice before competitions and long workouts with the intention to replenish electrolytes. These work in preventing cramps but not because they achieve hydration, but rather that their pungent taste numbs the nervous system, same as the “spicy theory.”

    Since muscle cramping does not appear to serve a purpose and can be life threatening in some situations, scientists have developed a product for its prevention. HotShot, available on their website & very select cities, may look adorable packaged in a miniature bottle, but the combining cinnamon, ginger, capsicum, spicy pepper provide the potent kick needed to numb the system.

    With all the controversy surrounding doping in sports, rest easy knowing that this product is made from organic ingredients available at any grocery store. Not only does this work when taken before and after a workout to prevent cramps, but because it can start working in seconds, it can be taken at the onset of muscle cramps. Next time you experience muscle cramping, instead of reaching for water and bananas, try something spicy!