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  • “I have to listen to my own advice!”

    Stay in the game

    “The entire team at CST [Camelback Sports Therapy] was awesome! I have experienced pain in my shoulder for over a year, too stubborn to do anything about it and didn’t want to give up sports and exercising. I know, dumb because I could have effected my sports and exercising in the long run.

    Natalie finally convinced me to come to CST, and I’m so glad I did. Eric, Jenny, Vanessa, and Erin were friendly, knowledgeable and put together the right program for me and my shoulder. We have referred our clients here for the last 2 years and they have raved about their treatment, I have to listen to my own advice! Thank you to CST for being pain free and allowing me to continue to LIVE JACKED!” – Michael B.


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