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  • “ When I Needed Them the Most…They Were There.”

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    “I have been running Athletic Clubs for over 40 years and that means I have been participating in all sorts of activities from marathons to a variety of racquets sports. Generally, I have been overusing my body and as many older athletes, did very little stretching and exercise to help protect me in the long run.
    About the same time I came to Phoenix 14 years ago I began experiencing overuse problems with my legs and especially my knees. Camelback Sports Therapy was there from the start with an extremely experienced, professional team of PTs and Trainers that have helped get right back into the game usually better than when I got out. The smiling, friendly faces that diligently worked with every patient and every injury you can imagine made us all feel like we were the most important person they knew.
    As to be expected with someone who continued to overdo it, I recently had to have my right knee completely replaced. First time in the hospital, first major surgery and all sorts of friends that gave me so much angst about the pain and recovery, I almost walked out of the hospital before the surgery. Fortunately Natalie Semon PT. went out of her way to meet with me, even before the event, to help get my legs ready. She then set things up for me to get recovering as soon as possible.
    Thanks to her advice and with the help of her staff I was able to get up without any pain 5 hours after surgery and put full weight on the replacement. From there Camelback Sports Therapy’s team watched every part of the recovery. Even as I started to over-use it again they were there with help and encouragement (and a little scolding). Every appointment ended with more improvement and within 12 weeks was almost completely recovered and the replacement was stronger than the other leg. They didn’t stop there but also helped bring that other leg up to equal status. I will have to get that one done in November but the good news is there is already a team ready to help. Rick Erdenberger- Vice President and General Manager, DMB Sports Clubs