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What to Expect

what to expect at physical therapy

Welcome to Camelback Sports Therapy!  Thank you for choosing us and trusting our team to help you Stay in the Game.  We look forward to partnering with you to address your health concerns and face whatever challenges stand in the way of meeting your goals.


We have two state-of-the-art clinic locations in Phoenix, Arizona:


For your convenience, we offer a private bath room, water station, and coffee cart.

Day 1:

Your initial appointment with us may take a little longer than your future follow-up appointments.  That’s because your therapist will take time to complete a thorough evaluation of your current functional state and discuss your medical history and goals for physical therapy.  Come prepared wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothing – treatment may include hands-on therapy and/or some light therapeutic stretches and exercises.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment with your insurance card and prescription (if required by your insurance).  We will have New Patient Paperwork for you to fill out (even previous patients who we have not seen in 30 days).  If you’d like to come prepared you can find those forms HERE.

After your appointment, you’ll meet with the front office staff to schedule out your plan of care.  Bring whatever organizer you use (planner, cell phone, work schedule, class schedule, etc…) so that you can schedule your physical therapy appointments for the coming weeks; this gives you and your PT team a solid plan going forward.  Our schedule does fill up, so the further ahead you schedule, the more likely you are to get the days and times you want.


You may feel sore after your first treatment – this is normal and not uncommon.  The treatment your PT performs alters your body’s current state and there can be an adjustment period.  Communicate any concerns with your PT and continue to come to your scheduled appointments.   If you’re sore or hurting, definitely attend your next appointment so we can help you through the pain.  If you have immediate concerns you can always call us at 602-808-8989 and ask to speak to your PT to get advice on how to handle any discomfort.

The professionals at Camelback Sports Therapy are your team of experts in physical therapy.  Together we’ll help you to reach peak physical wellness as well as get you through hurdles in your physical health and get the results you’re looking for to stay in the game.

Please fill out the medical history forms and bring them with you to your first appointment along with a list of any medications that you taking. Our office is truly a neighborhood practice that is based on word-of-mouth referrals. We take pride in our hands-on approach to physical therapy.

We welcome you and look forward to treating you!



The Team at Camelback Sports Therapy.