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  • Overcome Pain for Overall Health

    Doctors continue to prescribe physical exercise to patients who need to lose weight for their health. However, approximately 1 in 3 of these patients reported some type of physical issue/restriction. These limitations make physical activity even more difficult or impossible for the patients. Physical therapy is the key to overcome weight loss obstacles.

    Research has found that of those who have addressed weight loss with their primary care doctor, 31% reported one or more of functional limitations. A functional limitation is classified as everyday activities. These include walking for a quarter mile, walking up 10 steps without resting, preparing meals, dressing, and standing for periods of time without pain.

    Push ups

    Functional limitations immediately show themselves as roadblocks on the way to bettering your health. there is a clear difficulty in completing the physical activity prescribed by their doctor to lose weight when pain is standing in the way.

    Here’s where physical therapy comes in

    The goal at the point of intersection of functional limitations and need for physical activity is to help the person safely manage the difficulties of physical activity.  According to authors of the study, “Physical therapists are well-suited to manage the physical activity and exercise programs of individuals with functional limitations given [their] education and expertise.”

    Functional limitations are not functional impossibilities. With the correct education and help from a physical therapist, one can begin to increase their physical activity in a safe way. A physical therapist can also offer nutritional and dietary help to reach their weight loss goals.

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