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Dynamic Stretching

Learn to stretch and warm up like the Pros!

All too often, we hear patients say they never really warm-up or stretch before activity.  Unfortunately, injuries are more likely to occur when you try to perform with tight, cold muscles.  At Camelback Sports Therapy, we educate our patients on the importance of a proper warm-up and including dynamic stretching. Stretching

If you’ve ever watched a collegiate or professional team warm-up for a match, you’ve probably noticed that they spend a significant amount of time dynamically stretching versus holding stretches for 30 seconds.  Performing a dynamic stretch allows them to move their body through a series of repetitive movements to safely increase blood and oxygen flow, warm-up their tissues and effectively stretch all at the same time.  This gives your body time to gradually get comfortable with the actions you’ll soon demand from it.

Our clinicians can meet with you to discuss your favorite activities that you need to properly warm-up for and take you through a series of stretches targeting the appropriate muscle groups.  Dynamic stretching is an easy and crucial way to Stay in the Game.

Check us out on Sonoran Living Live or the video below for an example of a basic dynamic warm-up for your lower body.