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Post Rehab Program

Post Rehab

Our Post Rehab Program is designed for those patients who would like to continue their exercise program at Camelback Sports Therapy after they have been discharged from physical therapy.  Gyms can be intimidating so our doors are open if you want to stay healthy in a friendly, clean, and familiar facility where you’ll always have a watchful eye to ensure you’re performing exercises safely and correctly.

Motivation, consistency, and accountability are the key to success with any exercise program. Continuing your routine at Camelback Sports Therapy provides exactly that. Schedule out your appointments week by week or make a consistent plan to stick to!

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

After you’ve completed your formal physical therapy treatment, your physical therapist will create a program to further your progress. Camelback Sports Therapy staff will be available during all of your Post Rehab workouts to answer any questions, modify exercises if needed, and advance your program as you get even stronger!

Make a sound investment in your health and continue to reach your goals with Camelback Sports Therapy’s Post Rehab Program.