Balance Matters


If you have concerns about your balance, you’re not alone!

It is extremely common for people to feel that they are not quite steady on their feet.  However, they are often not quite sure what to do about it.  Studies have shown that participating in an appropriate exercise program like Balance Matters or Balance and Proprioception Training can significantly reduce the risk for falls resulting in fractures by up to 67%.

balance training program

The Important Questions:

  • Have you ever been walking and feel the need to reach out and hold onto something for stability?
  • Do you often feel off balance while walking or standing?
  • Do you miss out on social events because you are fearful of falling?

Balance Matters is a program designed to improve balance, decrease risk for falls, and increase confidence during walking and other activity.  Concerns about balance should not keep you from living the life you love, and that’s why Camelback Sports Therapy is proud to offer personalized, smart balance and fall prevention training.

You Deserve The Best!

Our highly trained Physical Therapists will evaluate your balance and create a program that is specifically designed to help you retrain your balance and improve your strength and endurance. You deserve the best life can offer. Get your confidence renewed with the Balance Matters Program.

Try these exercises to begin improving your balance.  Make sure you’re in a safe space with stable structures in case you need to steady yourself and perform these exercises to your comfort level.  Don’t forget – the Camelback Sports Therapy team is here for you!  Whether you have questions, concerns or need to schedule an appointment, we are just a call away! (602)808-8989