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Jocks Jump/ACL Injury Prevention

Jocks Jump is an ACL injury prevention program.

acl injury prevention

ACL injuries are most common in soccer, basketball and football players, and are also often seen in downhill skiers.  These are high-intensity sports where athletes must quickly maneuver while their foot is planted, causing stress to the area and creating risk for injury.  This is why we developed the ACL Injury Prevention Program here at Camelback Sports Therapy: to minimize risk and increase efficient, effective movement.

Did you know:

  • 70% of ACL injuries are associated with sports?
  • Female athletes are 3-4 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than males?
  • Osteoarthritis in the knee is 10x more likely in individuals that have suffered an ACL injury regardless of their treatment (conservative vs. surgical)?

ACL physical therapy

Be a Top Competitor

Don’t let an ACL injury put you on the sidelines!  All participants of the Jocks Jump/ACL Injury Prevention Program will undergo a personalized risk assessment and learn dynamic neuromuscular training to decrease the chance of a potential ACL injury.  In addition to injury prevention, we will take you through an individualized program to strengthen muscles, develop mechanics and agility, and consequently increase your performance.

Stay in the Game this season and learn the mechanics to jump efficiently and increase your vertical 10-15%.  Contact us for more information or to schedule your intial appointment!