Power Tennis

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The Power Tennis Program is specifically designed for athletes who want to improve their competitive edge this season in a variety of racquet sports including tennis, racquetball and squash.

Power is the most talked about feature of modern tennis and all other racquet sports. It has almost single-handedly shaped the game we know today. When we talk about Power Tennis, you should think about Williams, Federer, Djokovic, Kerber, and Nadal. Power is the ability to accelerate and coordinate, not only the racket, but also the movement of the relevant body parts, which is crucial to delivering that power. Power is determined by your ability to exert forces quickly.

The Power Tennis Program is specifically designed to improve your power and agility on the court, enabling you to reach those balls you were previously unable to return while playing. Most players know how to hit ground strokes but the player with more strength, power, quickness, stamina and flexibility will be the most effective. Our team of specialists understand what it takes to be successful on the court and have developed our program to be a conclusive, balanced approach to covering all the skills you need to become a better, faster and stronger player.

Our Power Tennis Program includes USA High Profile Performance testing as well as strength, cardiovascular, speed, flexibility and agility training. Athletes who play tennis, racquetball and squash will gain full fitness potential on the court. It’s time to experience winning changes on the court and get your game on this season with Power Tennis.

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Power Tennis gets RESULTS!

Here’s the proof…

  • “After only four weeks, my speed on the court increased. I was able to get to balls that previously I was only barely able to put a racquet on, and I was faster on the court than before, unbelievable!” –LP
  • “Power Tennis has given me a much quicker first step. I feel more agile and my added core strength allows for better balance which makes for a more consistent shot!”


Experiencing nagging pain? Don’t let it keep you out of the game. Our team offers many physical therapy solutions, including Cupping, Kinesio Taping, Stretching and more. Whatever you may be experiencing, we will structure a program to achieve solutions and help reach your goals.