Run Better

Run Better with Camelback Sports Therapy

Run further, faster and pain-free! Our Run Better program helps runners of all ability levels uncover the secrets to maximizing their personal performance. The initial session includes a video running (gait) analysis, an assessment of your mechanics and a personalized program to increase strength and efficiency. Follow-up sessions will progress your program to maximize performance.

A recent article on the Wall Street Journal discusses the relationship between “common runners injuries” and how those runners move. “Increasingly, the runner’s road to healthy joints starts with gait analysis”, writes Matthew Futterman, Wall Street Journal reporter.

True or False?

gait analysis

Some people claim that running is bad for you and your joints. This is not true – running incorrectly can be bad for you and your joints. Runners often have inefficient running due to weakness or range of motion restrictions that can lead to injuries, such as low back pain, achilles tendinitis, IT band syndrome and plantar fascitis. Almost always, the cause of these conditions is related to how a person is running.

Our thorough running (gait) analysis and form correction combined with a personalized performance plan can help you eliminate and prevent running injuries as well as increase your performance. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more about the Run Better program and see how it can benefit you.

If you’re ready to elevate your running game, call 602-808-8989 to schedule your appointment today. Individual programs and packages are always available. Keep an eye out for class announcements, too!

“Lauren was an excellent running coach. She helped me develop my form & my warm-up + cool down routine. Working and running with others was a real motivator. I increased my strength which has helped with my speed. Excellent class – I will do it again!” – Kelly M.