Snow Sport Essentials

snow sport therapy

SnowEssentials is a vigorous ski and snowboarding strength and conditioning program.

  • Has your winter vacation ever been shortened due to an untimely injury?
  • Do you want your body to be ready for that black diamond the first time you jump off the lift?

Be Ready!

Get the most out of your ski and snowboarding vacation this season with SnowEssentials. The SnowEssentials program enhances the fitness level of skiers and snowboarders by targeting the essential muscle groups used in zig-zagging down the slopes. This specialized program provides the latest proven training to maximum your endurance, power and agility to enable your body to be ready for that black diamond run the first time you jump off the lift. The SnowEssentials Program will increase your fitness level, reduce your risk of injury and provide maximum enjoyment for your snowy adventures.


The SnowEssentials program is by far Camelback Sports Therapy’s most popular program. Just listen to what our enthusiastic participants had to say about their experience!

I can (almost) keep up with my 15 year old daughter on the slopes. Enough said!” -Rob S.

I have done this class for several years and each year I make more progress. Fun class! Great instructor!” -Dave S.

Not only did they get me ready for ski season in my knees, but also for winter beach season with my abs!” -Amanda Z.