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  • Physical Therapy: More than Just a Problem-Fixer

    We often hear things like, “I hope I never have to, but if I get injured again I will definitely come back to see you guys.” We love to hear that you trust us to get you back in the game. However, we don’t ever want you to get out of the game.

    Physical therapists (PT) are experts in rehabilitation of injuries or after a surgery. But is that all they are good for? Anyone who has ever seen a PT knows that they offer so much more than rehabilitation. PTs and Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) have a wealth of knowledge regarding the body, how it works, and how to make and keep it healthy that they are excited to share. They want to make sure that their patients are both staying in the game and at the top of it.

    “Why should I see a physical therapist if I’m not injured?”

    . . . Because you don’t want to become injured. No matter your position in life, a physical therapist can help keep you healthy and injury free.

    If you’re an athlete who wants to prevent injuries like ACL or shoulder injuries: physical therapy can help with that. If you’re a recreational runner hoping to stay healthy and maybe set a personal best: physical therapy can help with that.  If you are anyone who wants to be safe and confident walking, getting into your car, and living an independent life: physical therapy can help with that.

    Not only will seeing a physical therapist keep you safer, stronger, and more confident, but it could also end up saving you time AND money. Preventative care costs substantially less than a surgery and post-surgical rehab will if something like an ACL or rotator cuff tear or even bone fracture from a fall.

    You don’t (at least you shouldn’t) continue to drive your car without getting regular oil changes and maintenance to prevent something like a blown transmission or burned out engine from happening. Putting a little in BEFORE an issue occurs saves time, money, and stress compared to AFTER the issue occurs.


    “What should I say to my physical therapist to get started?”

    Tell them what you want. If you are afraid of falling while walking down the stairs, tell them that. They will evaluate your body mechanics and create a personalized plan for prevention. If you are afraid of an ACL tear when playing in your weekend soccer games, tell them that. They will evaluate your muscles, tendons, and mechanics to build a unique plan to keep the surrounding structures strong and your ACLs safe.

    Although our PTs and PTAs may seem like superheroes, they are just friendly, normal people who have a passion for helping (and a whole lot of knowledge & experience,) so don’t be nervous. In fact, many of them have experienced the same fears, injuries, and goals that are on your mind right now.

    We don’t want to see you coming in here with a limp or a sling. Physical therapy is not only about fixing problems after they occur but rather preventing the injuries or issues. If you are wondering what physical therapy can do for you to prevent injuries in your daily life, give us a call at 602-808-8989, and we can help you stay in the game.


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