ASTYM treatment was scientifically developed to target the true underlying cause of many soft tissue problems: degeneration and inappropriate scarring/fibrosis that interferes with movement and causes pain.  These problems may develop as a result of trauma, surgery, or overuse. Astym® is effective for new injuries as well as chronic conditions.


The Astym® system uses instruments along the surface of the skin to locate these problem areas and jump start the body’s healing process.  During treatment you may feel areas that are rough and bumpy. These are areas that need to be addressed.  Over the course of treatment, you will notice these rough areas smooth out, leading to decreased pain, and improved function.  Following treatment you may notice some bruising and soreness.  This shows that the body is addressing the abnormal tissue through self-healing.

Nat ASTYMAstym® treatment is regenerative soft tissue therapy which successfully resolves many difficult conditions, including chronic tendinopathies and movement restrictions/pain resulting from scar tissue.  The Astym® process is non-invasive, has a short treatment course, and it is reliable and safe.  The effectiveness and quality of Astym® treatment has been achieved through its groundbreaking scientific and clinical research, and the dedication of the Astym® researchers, clinical partners, and staff.

Your physical therapist will likely use multiple techniques during your treatment to get you back to feeling your best.  We will work with your specific situation and find the techniques that work best for your specific circumstances.  If you are interested in ASTYM, give us a call at 602-808-8989 or ask your therapist for more information at your next physical therapy appointment.  We are proud to serve you and look forward to getting you back into the game!

” I came in with some pretty severe shoulder pain… the difference I feel now from then is night & day! The combination of ASTYM and exercises gave me some of the best results. I’ll be back for routine maintenance!” – Jason J.