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Balance Training/Fall Prevention

balance training/fall preventionMost people do not want to admit that a fear of falling makes them apprehensive to take part in activities that were once easy.  They certainly don’t want to admit when they feel weak, unstable or dizzy.  Even so, balance issues and/or fear of falling is not something to be ignored – this is why Camelback Sports Therapy developed the Balance Training/Fall Prevention program.

Our balance has a large role in our day-to-day lives and contributes to our ability to partake in the things we enjoy, whether it be those morning walks, playing with the kids, gardening or another activity.  In our Balance Training/Fall Prevention program, a physical therapist at Camelback Sports Therapy can help identify the source of your balance troubles, locate possible weakness and design a program specifically for you.

Take the Balance Self-Assessment:

  1. Are you unable to balance while dressing yourself (such as putting on pants while standing)?
  2. Do you have difficulty rising up from a soft couch, low chair or your car?
  3. Are you not participating in your usual recreational activities such as playing golf, gardening or exercising due to unsteadiness?
  4. Do you take smaller steps while walking or have to take stairs one step at a time?
  5. Have you recently had a change in medications that make you feel not like your usual self?
  6. Have you experienced increase stumbling or even a fall recently?
  7. Are you unable to step up onto or down from a curb without holding onto something for support?
  8. Do you have pain or weakness as a result of a recent surgery?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions you may be at risk for falling.

Call us at 602-808-8989 to speak with a physical therapist about how we can help you gain back your confidence and independence.

We also developed our Balance Matters Program to make sure our patients have as many tools as possible to stay active, independent, and in the game.

“My pain has decreased significantly and I am definitely stronger, more open and balanced. Very much appreciate the kindness and concern of all staff members, and their encouragement.” – Michelle