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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

The specialists at Camelback Sports Therapy are proud to offer our patients Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFRT), a research-proven method which has been shown to improve the muscle strength of an afflicted area without causing further injury during rehabilitation.

BFRT is a great option for patients who have recently experienced an injury or undergone surgery, especially for an arm or leg.  This therapy utilizes a pressure band around the targeted limb to limit blood flow while the patient performs light, repetitive exercises.  The band will partly restrict blood flow away from the limb in the veins, but blood flow from the heart to the limb in the arteries is free to flow.  This causes an effect very similar to strength training without the negative impacts of heavy stress to the affected area, meaning patients gain effective strength and no additional injury.  This results in powerful rehabilitation results because the body is able to build new tissue without the need of repairing damaged tissue, as would usually occur in regular strength training.

BFRT is safe, backed by research, and our therapists are specially trained to lead you through this method.  From the time of your very first appointment in our clinic, our team will access your individual needs and determine the best plan for you specifically.  Your physical therapist will use a combination of methods, possibly including BFRT, to ensure you achieve great results and meet your physical therapy goals.

To learn more about Blood Flow Restriction Therapy or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (602)808-8989.  You may also send us a message through the form on our Contact Us page.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals, feel your best, and Stay in the Game!