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Walking/Gait and Running Analysis

Walking and running involve and affect your whole body.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re executing them correctly.

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Walking/Gait Analysis

It seems silly to think you’re not walking correctly because it’s something you haven’t had to think about since you gave up crawling.  In fact, it’s very complex and involves a lot of moving parts.  Incorrect form at your feet affects your knees, which affects your hips, then your low back and spine, all the way up to your shoulders and may even manifest in your neck.  Just a slight change can have a domino effect throughout the whole body.

Walking is crucial to our overall health and we want to help you become the healthiest you can be.  Your physical therapist can perform an analysis of your gait (walking or running pattern) to identify where your pain originates and help you begin making corrections to achieve a pain-free gait.

Running Analysis

Runners love to run! And we love that! We want to keep you running!

Repetition of incorrect movements or inefficient stride can cause problems that are easily avoidable with proper correction, strengthening and stretching.  Our clinicians will provide you with a video analysis of your running pattern so you can visually understand where improvements can be made in your mechanics.


The Run Better Program at Camelback Sports Therapy takes this a step further, providing you with video analysis of your gait along with your own personalized therapy program to strengthen, stabilize and balance your muscles to resolve any inefficiencies and lead to a better, healthier stride.

Come to Camelback Sports Therapy for a gait analysis and let our specialists help you avoid common injuries while walking or running!

“I was struggling to run and sometimes even walk. Now, I’m back to running with the confidence that I won’t reinjure myself. I feel ready to challenge myself without fear of hurting myself. Wonderful facility and even better people!” Patrick W.