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Parkinson’s LSVT BIG® Program

Camelback Sports Therapy offers LSVT BIG® to the Parkinson’s community to increase strength, improve balance, and decrease fall risk.


Have you recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease?

At Camelback Sports Therapy we provide a specialized program called LSVT BIG® which has been proven to slow down the onset of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

Often times when first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, prescription medication controls symptoms in the early stages.  It is in YOUR best interest to begin physical therapy treatment at this time! Though not always prescribed by a physician, early stages are the best time to retain and gain strength, control, and balance to reduce the onset of Parkinson’s symptoms and optimize your quality of life.

Do you have difficulty completing daily tasks because of fatigue or balance issues?

The LSVT BIG® program uses repetitive, exaggerated movements alongside a supervising physical therapist to better simulate daily movements and increase core strength to improve function and balance throughout the day.

Many exercises carry over into daily activity resulting in more confidence when performing tasks such as reaching, lifting, sitting, walking, and standing up on your own.

LSVT program

Decrease your risk for fall, increase strength, and have fun doing it!

If you know someone who experiences these challenges, tell them about Camelback Sports Therapy!  Call 602-808-8989 today to get the help you need to Stay in the Game. 

“Physical Therapy has helped my quality of life. I am stronger, more energetic, and sharper cognitively. I would certainly recommend Jenny to anyone who has Parkinson’s and wants to get better. The people at Camelback Sports Therapy are extremely friendly. Every business has a culture, and this one’s is excellence.” – AG