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physical therapy

Are you looking for a Phoenix Physical Therapy clinic?

Physical Therapy is also known as functional rehabilitation, which focuses on the relief of pain and the restoration of strength and movement to return to activities.  Physical therapists treat injuries, aches, and pains, and perform rehabilitation after a surgery.

Our therapists use “hands-on” manual techniques in combination with the latest technology and modalities such as:

This is all done in order get you better faster.  Our therapists also use the latest therapeutic exercises and techniques based on your specific goals to help you quickly return to daily activity and sports.

physical therapy

What About Me?

Here’s what to expect…

As our patient, you will undergo a thorough evaluation at one of our Phoenix physical therapy locations and a customized treatment plan will be developed for you.  Our therapists are dedicated to educating you regarding your injury and keeping you off the sidelines.

Often times, Physical Therapy is covered by your insurance without a physician referral.  Call our office for any assistance and we will be happy to call on your insurance benefits.

If you are unsure if Physical Therapy can help you, simply call us at 602-808-8989 and set up a Free Injury Assessment.