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Body Mechanics Training

Body mechanics refers to the way we move throughout our daily activities. It includes how we hold our bodies when we sit, stand, lift, carry, bend, walk, run, throw and even sleep. Proper body mechanics are important in all settings to help you avoid injury and muscle fatigue.  Whether you’re at work or participating in physical activity, good body mechanics starts with good posture.

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Our clinicians are trained to analyze your whole body throughout a movement to be able to identify incorrect mechanics.  It’s our job to break down the movement into smaller tasks so you’re able to practice and master each component of the action. If there’s a muscle deficiency or imbalance, we’ll prescribe corresponding exercises to correct the issue. If you have a limitation in a joint or muscle flexibility, you’ll receive instruction on how to properly stretch.

Body mechanics include so much more and can vary for every occupation and activity.

Let one of our trained therapists help you prevent injury and stay in the game!