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Cervical and Lumbar Spine Traction

By design our spine absorbs a lot of force.  Now factor in any extra activity or prolonged posture that might cause vertebrae to compress throughout the day.  That compression can cause nerves to become pinched, or muscles to become tight or strained.  We use traction to help reverse those effects.

Traction is used to alleviate pain and relieve pressure by applying a distracting force to the spinal segments that may be contributing to one’s injury. It can be achieved either by manual techniques performed by a physical therapist, or with a traction unit.  Traction may be prescribed for a variety of back and/or neck pain but is especially effective in treatment of sciatica, a condition that presents as numbness or tingling down the leg but actually comes from low back issues.


Traction treatment is used in conjunction with other types of treatment methods all of which are provided by Camelback Sports Therapy as part of our Spine Program.  If back and/or neck pain is keeping you out of the game, traction could be a key component in your recovery.  Call 602-808-8989 to speak with someone to see if it’s right for you or speak to your physical therapist at your next appointment.