Core Stabilization

What is core stability?

Core stability is making the muscles of your trunk stronger to keep your spine and body stable.  Core weakness can lead to injury and pain. “Recent research has provided a somewhat different perspective by emphasizing the importance of spinal muscles in maintaining and restoring spinal stability, shifting from immobilization to stabilization.” (Fritz, Cleland and Childs)

Without core stability we leave our body vulnerable to injury and negatively affect our performance in our daily lives. Simple things like lifting a box or playing with our children, to higher level activities like hiking, running and dancing become potentially dangerous.

Click here to learn 3 simple core strengthening exercises.

Building a strong core helps create a strong foundation so that we can prevent injury throughout the body. Performing core stabilization exercises helps us develop better posture to protect our backs and helps develop improved overall balance and function. Call 602-808-8989 to learn more!