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Sports Specific Physical Therapy

Overall health and fitness are important, but when it comes to excelling in your sport or activity it’s necessary to focus on specific mechanics and developing the various muscle groups.  Luckily, Camelback Sports Therapy is comprised of a team of professional experts in movement with a widespread variety of personal sport experience.  Together, we utilize the latest training and treatment techniques to provide physical therapy based on your sport.

Sports therapy

Whether you’re a pitcher rehabilitating your shoulder, a golfer battling low back pain, or a soccer player nursing a sprained ankle, we provide you with top-of-the-line care at Camelback Sports Therapy.  This includes any necessary hands-on therapy and treatment techniques – like cupping, dry needling, and other methods – along with an exercise program customized to your needs.  With gradual progression based on your ability and/or protocol, you’ll get the results you’re looking for to get you back in the game.

sport specific physical therapyOur team will work with you to resolve any pain, soreness or injuries you may be experiencing while also developing proper mechanics, improved flexibility and strength.  We keep the demands of your sport in mind while creating a custom program for you as an individual so you can both feel and perform your best.

Located in Arcadia and Uptown Plaza, our locations offer a convenient option for your sports therapy needs.


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“Camelback Sports Therapy is a great place to fix your broken self. During my time here, I was able to fix two big injuries and get back to playing basketball pain-free!” -Michael M.