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  • “Thank you for giving me my life back.”

    Kerry MilliganWhen I first came to Camelback Sports Therapy I could not walk to my mailbox or drive my car (for even five minutes) to my local grocery store without excruciating pain.  I could not sleep on my left side or my right side, which made for some very long and sleepless nights.  I was a wreck.

    But then (after several other failed courses of treatment at several other Valley physical therapy clinics), I arrived at Camelback Sports Therapy, where I received outstanding care from Jenna and her team.  The entire staff there is so thoughtful and caring and conscientious.  They worked hard to help me figure out the cause of the pain.  I felt like I was part of the team rather than just a nameless, faceless patient at a clinic.  It was that team spirit that kept me motivated through those first few really tough weeks.  It was also helpful that the entire front desk staff were always cheerful, supportive and helpful with making appointments and so on.  When you’re in pain, every little smile or kindness makes a big difference in your day.

    Within a few months of therapy the pain was nearly gone!  I am now able to swim, walk, do yoga and Pilates, and have even started to swing the golf club a little bit.  No more nighttime pain either!

    I am forever grateful to Jenna, Natalie, Jen, Lexy and the entire staff at Camelback Sports Therapy.  Thank you for giving me my life back.

    -Kerry M.