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  • “…the best decision I ever made…”

    “I was diagnosed with a 75% tear (left rotator cuff) back in Jan. 2019. I went to physical therapy [at another office] as per ortho’s recommendation and was improving, but felt [I was] being “pawned off” after the first two weeks. Discontinued going since I was given exercises to do at home and figured I could proceed on my own. After playing pickle-ball for 5 months, shoulder pain returned to the point where I couldn’t lift anything with my left arm, couldn’t sleep on my left side, and felt discomfort all the time.

    I saw CST’s ad on Facebook regarding an upcoming clinic and decided to take a chance. After the thorough explanation and demonstration, I signed up for more PT and it was the best decision I ever made. Daniel and Andres have been my saviors! Not only did they show me new techniques, but STAYED with me, making sure I was doing the exercises properly. They were always cheerful, upbeat, and made me feel like only I mattered, and both were determined to get me back to pickle-ball playing. My shoulder feels normal, no more pain, and I have full use back again. There are plenty of PT offices out there, but I have found the one that truly cares about YOU, the individual, and getting you back into your game! Thanks, guys! Thanks CST!”

    – Michaeline “Mickie” P.


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