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  • Why tune-ups are so important to training

    There’s no denying that our summer weather in the desert affects our lifestyle.

    Dangerously hot temperatures restrict how and when we spend our time outside.  For runners accustomed to logging their miles on the canal or a local mountain trail, Phoenix summers are just not conducive to maintaining a steady training schedule.  So maybe you take your workouts indoors; on a treadmill or a cross-training program.  Use this time wisely to ensure you’re taking excellent care of your body.  Much like an oil-change by your mechanic, your physical therapist is your expert to make sure all your parts are in prime, working condition; and if they’re not, we’ll show you how to get them there.

    A recent health segment on The Today Show featuring sports medicine physician Dr. Jordan Metzl and a team of physical therapists from the Hospital for Special Surgery shared tips for staying healthy as we enjoy a number of summer activities from biking and running to kayaking and swimming.  Under the supervision of an expert physical therapist, you can learn exercises that will strengthen muscles to prevent injuries and be provided tools to ease pain and recover faster.  Physical therapists are trained to take care of the entire kinetic chain, that is, all of your muscles from head-to-toe!

    Back to our oil-change analogy: when you get an oil-change the mechanic inspects many other parts of the car and you receive a report of what needs to be done to keep your car functioning as it should.  Meeting with your physical therapist to evaluate your running pattern can reveal what tune-ups are necessary to make sure you’re running efficiently and avoiding a preventable injury.  We provide you with exercises for strengthening and/or maintenance and expect you’ll visit us at the next check-point to evaluate how you’re progressing and prescribe any necessary changes in treatment.

    Though it doesn’t seem it now, the temperatures will soon drop and we’ll all be back outside enjoying the best things about Phoenix.  Before that time comes, take advantage of this opportunity to make an appointment at Camelback Sports Therapy.  Meet with our physical therapists to see how you can operate at peak performance when the time comes!