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    Back pain is a common diagnosis we treat here at Camelback Sports Therapy.  If you’re thinking that sounds vague, well, that’s because it is.  Not surprisingly, most patients come in unsure of the cause of their back pain or even when it began.  Due to the nature of our anatomy, there are many factors that could lead to low back pain, including but certainly not limited to core weakness and poor posture. That’s where we come in.  Physical therapists are your healthcare go-tos for musculoskeletal answers.

    Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

    Call and schedule your Core Strength & Posture Assessment to avoid the negative effects back pain could have on your life.  Think of the sleep lost, activities missed, and overall discomfort associated with back pain and let that be the worst of it.

    Our physical therapists will perform a head to toe movement exam to assess and measure your quality of movement and address any discrepancies they see along the way.  Making even the smallest change now, could lead to avoiding big problems down the road.

    I already have back pain though.  Can I still benefit?

    YES! As with most issues, the sooner you address a problem, the better the outcome.  In early stages, the plan set in place by your PT can be more proactive than reactive.  Physical therapists will provide you with the right education, stretching, strengthening, and hands-on, to manage, decrease, and then prevent your pain so you can Stay in the Game.

    If you have even the slightest concern about an ache or pain, give Camelback Sports Therapy a call so you and your team can tackle this thing before it becomes a pain in your you know what…(your back)! Reach us at +1 (602) 808-8989 to ask any questions or schedule your Core Strength & Posture Assessment!  


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