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  • When an unplanned injury comes up…

    Stuart Z BosuOver the past 10 years, [Camelback Sports Therapy] has helped me recover from planned knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, a total knee replacement and lower back pain.  But this was different – unplanned and on a strict time schedule.  I set clear goals with Dr. Jenna Bartels and we worked as partners to get me back in the game.

    Dr. Bartels did the injury assessment and we embarked on a 3 session per week schedule that used the latest technologies and proven therapeutic methods.  Those included: hands-on deep muscle massage, dry needling, heat, ice and of course progressively intensive exercise focused on leg and core strengthening and balance.  When you start doing squats on the soft side of the BOSU, you know you’re making progress!

    Success was proven with a 4 mile hike at week 6.  Many thanks to Dr. Bartels and all the staff at Camelback Sports Therapy for enabling me to Stay in the Game!

    -Stuart Z.