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  • Desk Posture Tips and Tricks to Avoid Pain

    If you are here reading these words, you likely have back or neck pain from sitting at your desk (or maybe you know someone who does!)  Although it’s unfortunate, this is an extremely common problem.

    Many of us have been reminded to keep good posture our entire lives, but did you know your posture while sitting is just as important?

    The average adult sits for roughly 10 hours a day.  That’s a large amount of time to either do a lot of good or a lot of harm to your body.  Desks and other work spaces are not always designed with the human body in mind, which can lead to unwanted pain and tightness.  However, there are ergonomic tools and tips you can use to make your set-up work for you!

    desk posture and ergonomics tips

    To help, we are expanding upon an earlier blog post and sharing even more tips and tricks to help you use good posture in those sitting hours and avoid pain:

    1. Keep your ears in line with your shoulders as a postural cue. An easy check to make sure your head is where it should be!
    2. Adjust your computer screen to be at eye-level. If you are unable to raise your screen, try using some strong household items, like a textbook, to correct it as needed.
    3. Place your feet flat on the ground. Many of us like to cross our legs, but keeping your feet flat on the ground will support good posture and help prevent back pain.
    4. Support your back with your shoulder blades. It can be tempting to slouch forward or lean to the side on your arm, but this leaves your back without the proper support and can create pain over time.  Tuck your shoulder blades toward your spine and sit upright to fix this.
    5. Get up and move every hour! Research has found our metabolism slows by 90% when sitting for just a half hour.  Try to take a break every hour to stand up and stretch for a couple minutes.  This will boost focus, productivity, and your body will thank you.


    Bonus (Kids’ Edition)

    If you have kids at home, there may be some difficulties keeping them focused with the new online school format.  While posture is still very important for kids and the same tips as above can be used, the big thing we want to stress here is tip #5: have them get up and move!

    desk posture tips kids

    Once every hour (or as a break is needed/available), lead them through this small routine:

    • 1 lap walking around the room or hall
    • 15 jumping jacks
    • 1 lap walking around the room or hall
    • 5 one-legged hops on each leg

    This will give them a fun break, get them moving and ready to focus on school work again!

    As always, if you have any questions or are experiencing any pain please give us a call at (602)808-8989! We are here to help and support your needs to Stay in the Game.


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