• “Words cannot describe how much I love CST . . .”

    Posted on March 1, 2018 by in Testimonials

    “Words cannot describe how much I love CST (Camelback Sports Therapy), but I’ll try. I started coming to CST right before being diagnosed with a severe medical condition. Coming to physical therapy kept me sane and healthy. Everyone was compassionate and understanding. My schedule was chaotic and my exercise plan required constant adaption. CST did a great job taking care of me. Katie especially wen above and beyond making sure that I felt good on even my best days.

    On another note, about a year ago I was on four pain medications and still in constant pain. I’m now off all prescription pain medications and have actual pain free days. Painful days are an anomaly, instead of the norm. CST treats the whole patient instead of just one muscle or joint. I love CST and Katie!” – Carolyn F.


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